Duchess And The Deli Traditional, Novel and Interesting

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Duchess and the Deli - Homemade, Traditional & Interesting

A small selection of The Duchess's wares

The Pantry - Run By The Duchess

Lyn  (The Duchess) is the chef whose expertise and imagination ensures the flavours in her jars hit the spot.  From Chilli Pepper Jelly to Strawberry & Prosecco Jam and Bergamot & Honey Marmalade you can be sure there are no added nasties in her jars.  The Duchess is more than happy to try new ideas and increase her range of produce.  If there is anything you would like her to make please ask 07712 625403. 

The Duchess runs the kitchen and brings jams, marmalades, jellies, chutneys and relishes to life.

Home Deliveries - Provided By "Granville"

Gary (Granville) is the chap behind the wheel. He is the one delivering the goodies to you. With a smiley face nothing is too much trouble.  Granville will ensure your delivery arrives with you safely and carefully.  He wears gloves to deliver and uses alcohol gel in the vehicle throughout the day.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask 07713 241455.

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